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About Us

Learn More about Our Company

Helicopter Experts, Inc. was established in 1994 in Bulverde, Texas, and has been providing flight training, charter services, tours, helicopter sales, maintenance, and other services ever since. Read on to learn more about our company and what sets us apart from others:

FAA-Approved Services

Unlike some helicopter companies, Helicopter Experts, Inc.'s services are approved by the FAA, which allows us to deliver unscheduled helicopter charter and air taxi flights under the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 135 (Certificate #H2ES481K); helicopter flight training in accordance with the FAR Part 141 (Certificate #H2ES481K); external load operations under the FAR Part 133 for Class A, B, and C Loads (Certificate #H2EL481K); commercial agricultural operations (Certificate #H2EG481K); and helicopter maintenance under the FAR Part 145 (Repair Station Certificate #H2ER481K) and performed in the name of our sister company, Hill Country Helicopters, LLC. We are also proud to be approved by the Veterans Administration for training eligible veterans under the Post 9/11 GI Bill and the Montgomery GI Bill.

Veterans Affairs

VA-Approved Flight Training

Helicopter Experts, Inc. is approved by the Veterans Administration to train eligible veterans for the following courses: Commercial Add-on for holders of a commercial pilot certificate who enroll to add Rotorcraft Helicopter to their commercial pilot certificate; Commercial Pilot Certification Course for pilots who already possess a private pilot certificate who enroll to receive all required training to achieve a commercial pilot rotorcraft helicopter certificate; Authorized Flight Instructor for commercial pilots who enroll to become a rotorcraft helicopter authorized flight instructor; Additional Flight Instructor for the current authorized flight instructor who wants to add Rotorcraft Helicopter to an existing instructor certificate.

Veterans who enroll are required to fly a minimum of six hours per month and maintain satisfactory grades. The VA pays approximately 60% of the training fees to the applicant for helicopter flight instruction, ground instruction, and solo practice. They do not pay for books and training materials or for enrollment, medical certificate, knowledge test, and examiner fees.

Our Facility

Exceptional Flight School

Our Part 141 flight school is one of the best in the country. Owned and operated by an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, our students receive instruction that exceeds any other school. Hundreds of pilots have graduated from our school, many of whom are San Antonio Police Blue Eagles, Border Patrol, and FAA employees. All of our instructors have hours of experience and intensive training in general helicopter flying and a passion for teaching.

Customer Waiting Area Helicopter Experts Front Foyer Entrance Classroom Certificates

Company-Owned Facility

Helicopter Experts, Inc. owns its facility at the Bulverde Airport. All of our helicopters are kept in our 50' x 100' hangar.

We have four classrooms, including two private testing rooms, a debriefing room, and a computer room. They are always open for students to study. We also have waiting rooms, men's and women's bathrooms, and breakrooms with vending machines. Each room is laid out to prevent distraction from general airport operations.

Since we are located at a site without a control tower, the time and money spent for helicopter flying lessons is devoted entirely to teaching students how to fly instead of spending time waiting for other aircraft to depart or land. When a control tower is required, lessons are flown at the nearby San Antonio airports.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

All of our aircraft are owned and maintained at our on-site repair station. Since Helicopter Experts, Inc. holds more FAA certificates and ratings than any other company in South Texas, inspections are performed weekly to ensure all safety standards are met.

We fly the Bell 47, and Robinson R-44 for flight training because they allow for easy transition into other models upon graduation. These models have been voted the best for flight training. We also use them in our charters. 

We have chosen to use the Bell 47 as a primary trainer because of its durable strength and reliability and resistance to accidents. The Bell 47 does not have a history of low G mass pumping and is not subject to special Federal aviation regulation #73 and it is so easy to fly that our students get their license with 20% less expense.

In addition to our helicopters, we have a cutting-edge "Fly It Simulator." The "FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator" is a two-place, side-by-side seated cockpit with dual controls, providing hands-on instruction for hovering and all-flight maneuvering. A complete instrument panel is provided for visual and instrument training. Instrumentation is displayed full size on an LCD display monitor. All switches and controls are hard mounted and replicate the size, shape, color, and location of those in the real aircraft. The simulator is great for training and allows students to get hands-on experience before stepping foot into an actual helicopter.

Student Flying Our Training Simulator

Another Student in the Flight Simulator

FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator

Student Practicing on a Flight Simulator

Pilot at the Controls of the Flight Simulator

Daniel Scott (Pilot Instructor) and Diane Bisek (Vice President)

Experienced and Certified Instructors

Michael Bisek is the owner and operator of Helicopter Experts, Inc. He is an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner with more than 30 years of experience. He is joined by FAA certified flight instructors who have countless hours of instructing and love teaching others how to fly. They are all included in a random FAA-approved drug and alcohol testing program and meet the requirements of SFAR 73 and have completed a Robinson Helicopter Company flight instructor safety course. Additionally, prior to working with us, they have been tested on their training skills and teaching abilities. Due to their experience and expertise, you will obtain your license in fewer hours and for less money than what other schools offer.