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External Load Training

Helicopter External Load Training Course

EXTERNAL LOAD OPERATOR BACKGROUND: Helicopter Experts, Inc. is experienced in external load operations in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations Part 133. All pilots are required to demonstrate to the FAA or the chief pilot of the company they are working for that they can perform external load operations safely. They must also provide a letter of competency or an appropriate logbook entry that must be carried on board during external load operations.

ROTORCRAFT EXTERNAL LOAD PILOT REQUIREMENTS: An applicant choosing to perform helicopter external load operations (carrying of equipment outside of the helicopter cabin or on a hook and suspended below the helicopter, like a water bucket for firefighting), must posses a Rotorcraft Helicopter Pilot Certificate and within the preceding 12 calendar months, completed an initial or recurrent training program unless within the preceding 12 calendar months, the pilot has performed an external load operation and holds at least a current medical certificate. Per FAR Part 141, appendix K, the applicant must obtain 10 hours of ground instruction and 15 hours of flight instruction.

Enrollment Fee 15 Hours Flight Instruction Helicopter 10 Hours Ground Instruction and 10 Hours Pre/Post Briefing Books and Materials Total Cost Excluding Knowledge and Flight Test Fees
Robinson R-44 N/A N/A N/A N/A $0.00
Bell 47 G4A $100.00
$7,725.00 $1,200.00 $142.50 $9,167.40

Flight and ground hours are based on the minimum requirements of the FAA. The actual cost of training will depend on the frequency of flight training, the student’s aptitude and diligence, and the successful completion of the required tests. The hours specified in this catalog fulfill the minimum FAA requirements. However, it should be noted that few people are able to learn to fly the helicopter well enough to meet FAA standards in the minimum times listed and it should not be considered unusual if they are exceeded. Good study habits, personal discipline, and aptitude are all necessary ingredients for successful completion of this course in the minimum time.

Required Books and Training Materials
Items in bold are included in price above; all are available at Helicopter Experts, Inc.

Book / Training Material Price
Helicopter Experts, Inc. Flight Training Syllabus $80.00
ASA-PHF- Principles of Helicopter Flight $31.95
FAA-H-8083-21 Rotorcraft Flying Handbook $24.95
School Flight Record $5.50

Prices and fees published in this information package are correct at the time of this printing and are subject to change.